• Digital Quran and Roquia

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      Listening to the Quran has never been clearer, emotional and louder with ALNOOR Digital Quran and Roquia الرقية الشرعية  from JANNAAT.
      It includes all the holly Quran with numerous famous reciters. Alruquia الرقية الشرعية is for the treatment of eye, envy, magic and relieve worry, sadness, grief, distress, anxiety, frequent problems, difficulties, to treat laziness and for the treatment of physical illness or psychological.
      Upsscale puts his right hand on the subject of pain and heart then reads roquia from the Quran and Sunnah as mentioned above has to repeat as he pleases.
      You hear and read roquia of the Quran and Sunnah on the olive oil, and anoints him who was Mahsoud or Maeon.
      Roquia read from the Quran and Sunnah on the water and drinnk it and washed it.



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    Unique and creative design can make it the best idea as an Islamic Gift.
    High Quality Quran Audio with numerous famour reciters.
    Roquia Healing for illness.
    Roquia against Evil Eye.
    Roquia against Black Magic.
    Roquia for House.
    Roquia for Marriage (Husband and Wife).
    Hisnul Muslim.
    Salah Guide.
    Dua’a of Hajj and Umrah.
    Allah Al-might Name.
    Dua’a of Shifa.
    Morning and Evening Doaa / Azkar.
    Remote Control.
    Can be a gift idea as it comes with beautiful packing.
    Approximately 6 Hours of continous play .
    Lithium Battery and charger included.



    1. Lithium Battery and charger included.
    4. Color: Gold, silver and black.

    5. Size: 19 × 8 × 3.7 cm.
    6. Size (with packaging): 26 × 10.8 × 5.2 cm.

    7. Weight:  g.
    8. Weight (with packaging):  g.



    1. User guide.

    2. Remote Control.

    3. charger.


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