• LED Speaker Quran Lamp

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      Listening to the Quran has never been as exciting and interesting as it is with ALNOOR Digital Quran Lamp Bulb! The device has a unique and innovative design as it looks like a big light bulb with changing 4 color: White, Green, Yellow, Pink. You can plug it into the power point or it can even be charged as it is rechargeable. ALNOOR Qur’an Lamp Bulb from JANNAAT is also educational, it enables the learner to listen to the Quran in his or her own language, there is also an option to listen to the verse by verse (Ayah by Ayah) or word by word. By using the remote control, you can change the (reciter) you’d prefer, the language of your own, volume control, change lights colours, power on/off. The unique innovative design for the Speaker and the Packing can make it the best idea as an Islamic Gift.

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    • ALNOOR LED Speaker Quran Lamp from JANNAAT with unique design in White color.
    • Quran Translation in many Languages including: English, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Persian, Kurdish, Bangla, And more.
    • High performance audio.
    • Built-in rechargeable battery.
    • Timed automatic shutdown.
    • Quick search any Sura, page, Ayat, Juz, number.
    • Hot key to choose the Surah, Juz, page and ayat.
    • 3 levels repeat and voice speed control.
    • 25 keys full function remote control.
    • Tafseer Jalalain.
    • Word by Word voice.
    • Sahih Al Bukhari.
    • Sahih Muslim.
    • Hajj and Umrah.
    • Salah Guide.
    • Qaida noorania with book.
    • Al Ruqyahh AL Sharya.
    • 40 Hadeeth.
    • Fortress of Muslim.
    • Daily Doaa.
    • Allah 99 names.
    • Mp3 player.

    ** The lamp does not come with table lamp, it is for demonstration



    1. Color: White.
    5. Size: 14 cm height × 8.5 diameter.
    6. Size (with packaging): 15.5 × 22.7 × 9.5 cm.

    7. Weight:  g.
    8. Weight (with packaging):  g.



    1. User guide.

    2. Charger.

    3. Remote control( 2 AAA batteries included ).

    4. Data cable.



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