• QURAN SPEAKER ( Qari SQ-128 )

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      QURAN SPEAKER is your best gift to your close friend!

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    Product Features:

    1. Al Quran ul Kareem

    Display the holy Quran in word by word and ayah mode with audio and text. 35 Quran reciters (Qari). 30 voices and text translation. Repeat, Book marking, Surah and Ayah Selection Function. Listening to the holy Quran translation with your preferred Qari with combined mode.

    1. Hifz ul Quran

    Memorize the holy Quran with easy repeat (full page, ayah), Quran play with page by page.

    1. Tafseer al-jalalayn with audio and text.
    2. Sahih Al Bukhari / Sahih Muslim

    Play audio and text together, Search chapter, Section and Hadith ( Kitab, bab, Hadith ).

    1. Qaida Noorania

    Beautiful font, full screen display of Arabic basics. Repeat for easy learning.

    1. Ruqya Sharya / Hisnul Muslim

    Uthmanic font with full screen display. Repeat, search and book marking features.

    1. Al Asma ul Husna

    99 names of Allah with calligraphic display, picture with display.

    1. Prayer times / Qibla direction

    Prayer alarm for 3000 cities, easy search with dialogue code.

    1. Download new translation and reciters features.
    2. MP3 player.
    3. FM radio.
    4. Voice recorder, voice player.
    5. Clock, calendar and time reminder.
    6. Auto sleep mode.

    Product Specifications:

    1. Power Supply: DC 5V, 500mA (Rechargeable Nokia BL-5C battery), USB charging.
    2. 8 GB Memory (TransFlash TF memory card).
    3. LCD display, 3 Watt HD audio.
    4. AUX input for loudspeakers.
    5. TWO Different Colors are available (RED and Black).
    6. Built-in Microphone.
    7. Infrared IR receiver.
    8. Size: 13.8 × 2.6 × 5.6 cm.
    9. Size (With Packaging): 16.8 × 8.8 × 7.7 cm.
    10. Weight: 108 g.
    11. Weight (With Packaging): 405 g.

    Product Accessories:

    1. User’s Manual.
    2. Remote Control.
    3. Power AC Adapter Model No ADC-600 (Input: AC 110-240 V 50/60 Hz 0.15A, Output: DC 5V, 1.1 A).
    4. USB Cable.
    5. AUX cable (50 cm).
    6. Earset (118 cm) with built-in microphone.
    7. Mini compass.
    8. 2 AAA batteries.


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